hosted telephony services for customers of Digital Technology Partners - simple, straightforward, and reliable.

Too many hosted phone vendors want to just sell a service and hand you the admin console. Get back to what matters with DTPBX.

Cloud Based

Backend voice features are all performed in the cloud - resilient against internet and power outages.

White Glove

Built and serviced by DTP Engineers so you can say what you want, and we worry about 'how' and consult with you on implementation.

Text Messaging

Stay in contact with your customers via their preferred communication channels: voice or SMS.

Mobile App

Make and receive calls via your office number from your mobile phone.


Fax still plays a critical role in many industries due to compliance. Eliminate the paper and bulky machine with DTPBX e-Fax.

Call Recording

Audit, monitor, and utilize call recordings for staff improvement as well as providing record keeping.


Gain insights into your call flow and metrics with the assistance of tailored reporting as well as consultation with seasoned telephony consultants.


Add unlimited DIDs to your account to track various marketing and campaign initiative success.

Modern Hardware

Replace your aging, vendor-specific phone system with modern VoIP hardware, including DECT headsets with digital remote answer.


Unify your multi-site business with a single, unified telephone system.

Call Center

Enterprise call center features for your growing business to dedicate staff to the mission critical role of greeting customers.

Custom Audio

From professional voiceover or custom music-on-hold, DTPBX allows for custom audio recordings and greetings.