DTPBX Tenant Uniqueness and Support Article Relevance

It is important that anyone seeking to understand the features of a PBX implementation understand that each tenant is customized to meet a business's needs. While many features are ubiquitous across many of our tenants (Parking, Hold, Ring Groups), some features are set up specifically at the request of a customer.

Furthermore, many of these features are components of the overall call flow of a tenant. (e.g. What happens to a call when it enters the phone system.) Examples of this include 'in/out of office call routes', various voicemail handling, and voice prompt/menu systems.

Given the myriad of possible configurations, our documentation is focused around a typical implementation and features. Please keep this in mind as you review any documentation herein.

We are often asked about a 'manual' for our phones. Please see 'Common Features' for the most frequently requested information.