The DTPBX voicemail system is similar to most voicemail systems you may have encountered.

In most DTPBX implementations, one to two mailboxes are configured as 'day' or 'night' mailboxes and are not directly associated with a particular extension. As such, the traditional 'voicemail' button on your desk phone is not what is typically used for most implementations. This is known as a 'shared mailbox' configuration.

In a shared mailbox configuration, there are soft-keys on the display of the phone(s) configured to both indicate the presence of a voicemail message. Checking the associated voicemail box is as simple as pressing the button/indicator for that mailbox.

Inside of the voicemail menu, you can:

  • Check messages
  • Record new greetings
  • Manage the active greeting

With regard to greeting management: every mailbox supports up to 9 greetings, identified by the number 1-9. You can record 9 different messages, then select the 'active' greeting to switch between them. Many clients find this useful because they can record an ad-hoc holiday greeting in slot 2 for example, and at the conclusion of that holiday, simply change the active greeting back to slot 1, where their typical 'night' message is still safely stored.

Below is a visual 'map' of the DTPBX voicemail menu system for your reference.